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Please find a overview of I-CAN below.

I-CAN is a futuristic trailer, as can be seen on our email footer, and approximately the size of a London double decker bus. Please envisage the entire outer shell as an ultra-thin extremely high quality TV screen on which we can run high resolution pictures/videos and act as a huge static or mobile Billboard.

Our primary target market is the Advertising industry, especially the Out Of Home (Billboard) industry which is in need of approx. 500.000 new Billboards p.a.
Please imagine e.g. perfume or banking advertising on the outer shell of I-CAN including associated sound and smell all around the trailer and a possible direct selling of the product/service from the bespoke interior sales room.

"What we require is a funder that understands that the market is in need of an advanced billboard solution and that OOH advertising is changing from physical printed billboards to digital"

The document you should peruse through is the PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, key insight into the OOH market.
In a nutshell, we developed I-CAN to be the solution to all 5 requirements as per PwC’s key insights.

Our social angle:
I-CAN to be used as an educational tool for rural areas with limited educational reach, combining its ability to visualise but equally transport the “teaching-message” audibly and especially interactively it is the chalkboard of the future.. Getting “up to date” teaching, everywhere, on demand. Additionally I-CAN is equipped with a water tank 1000l capacity, internet, fuel cell generated power etc.More information on demand.

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